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The list of physicians on this site is not a comprehensive listing of health care providers licensed in Maryland, and is provided for your convenience only. We are provided the list of certified physicians directly through the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission in a monthly request for the updated list. We do not evaluate any health care provider, and our listings do not in any way constitute an endorsement of such providers, nor do we guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. You are solely responsible for the selection of a health care provider, and the care provider is solely responsible for his/her other services or treatment.

As a requirement of the MMCC Program, patients must have a bona fide physician-patient relationship. No physician/patient relationship is created through the use of this site. We expressly disclaim any liability for any interaction between you and any health care provider, including but not limited to the services or treatments provided.

Before choosing a health care provider, you may want to check out the Maryland Board of Physicians Practitioner Profile System and review that provider’s licensing information.

It is reasonably believed that the doctors listed herein may be willing to consider medical cannabis as an option for a patient with one of the qualifying conditions but by no means is indicative of their actual willingness or ability to provide a written certification for any particular patient. The information contained herein has been obtained through informal communications with, and received from, the public. The information has not been independently verified by Trilogy or with any particular doctor listed herein and, therefore, the information is not guaranteed to be accurate and just because a doctor is listed on this site does NOT mean they have or will provide a written certification to a patient for participation in the medical cannabis program. Please contact the doctor’s office directly for additional information.

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