I’m sure you’ve heard the cliché line before, “everything’s connected”. Well, the endocannabinoid system is a major communication system within your body that has receptors spread throughout. Movement utilizes this system to tell your brain about where your body is in space. A lot of research on this system and its correlation with overall health is still anecdotal, but we do know a couple of things such as: 

1) Exercise increases your body’s productions of its own cannabinoids 

2) The majority of the canna receptors in your brain are located in the cerebellum and basal ganglia, the same places that control motor learning and movement. 

3) There is a lot of evidence showing similar effects of exercise and cannabis consumption. Including reducing stress and pain, while increasing mood and flow state. 

As an athlete one of the main reasons I love using cannabis is to aid recovery from exercise. Training (aka stretching, strength, and aerobic work) provides a host of adaptive benefits to numerous systems in the body including nervous, skeletal, muscle, respiratory, and circulatory. In my opinion, cannabinoid use in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle can help create a portal of enhanced introspection and creativity, ultimately leading to a stronger mind-body connection. 

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