Trilogy asks customers to ‘Rise Up’ this month to support local animal shelter

Trilogy asks customers to ‘Rise Up’ this month to support local animal shelter


By: Dan Taylor, Trilogy Marketing Coordinator 

ELLICOTT CITY, Md- Trilogy Wellness and Rise Above Animal Rescue and Sanctuary want to make sure cats and dogs who are placed in shelters go home to loving and caring homes. 

The entire month of March, we’re offering guests and patients at Trilogy Wellness a chance to donate to this wonderful organization in Pasadena. If you donate $5.00, you will receive a $5.00 bounce back card to use on your next visit. 

This campaign to find pets loving homes will coincide with Trilogy’s 6thCannaversary”, the weekend of March 22-24. That weekend will also give people a chance to adopt a pet right on site at Trilogy Wellness during our Rise Above Rescue Adoption Event, on Saturday March 23rd from 12:00pm-4:00pm. 

Last year, Trilogy Wellness helped set a record for the organization. It was the most animals they have ever adopted at one event. Six cats and four puppies went home to some loving owners. 

“We focus on animals that need the most help – those that are sick, injured, elderly, feral, or need extensive medical care.” 

Rise Above Animal Rescue and Sanctuary became an official non-profit animal rescue in 2018. Prior to this status, the organization had been in place for years prior with the goal and focus always being on the welfare of animals. 

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, an estimated 3.1 million dogs and 3.2 million cats are in U.S. animal shelters.  

Approximately 2 million dogs and 2.1 million cats are adopted from animal shelters each year. 

Maryland Stands Out: Cannabis Arrests Rates Dip Below National Average in Progressive Trend

Maryland Stands Out: Cannabis Arrests Rates Dip Below National Average in Progressive Trend


By: Dan Taylor, Trilogy Wellness Marketing Coordinator

ELLICOTT CITY, Md- As social justice comes to the forefront during Black History Month, a report shows that Maryland is below a nationwide trend when it comes to the disparities of cannabis arrests of African Americans. But some Maryland counties are well above the national average.

A study conducted by the American Civil Liberties Union, shows that African-Americans are 3.6 times more likely to be arrested for cannabis possession than whites. And in some cases, states and local counties are double if not triple the national average.

Maryland is among twenty-six states that are below the national average. According to the ACLU, in Maryland, African Americans are 2.1 times likely to be arrested for cannabis possession. However, some Maryland counties are trending in the exact opposite direction.

In Carroll and Frederick counties, African Americans are more than double the national average, with Black folks are seven times more likely to be arrested in Carroll and six times more likely to be arrested in Frederick for cannabis possession.

States such as Montana and Kentucky, showed African Americans were almost ten times likely to be arrested for cannabis than whites.

The ACLU discovered that more than six million cannabis related arrests between 2010-2018. Law enforcement made almost 700,000 cannabis arrests in 2018. Those arrests accounted for 43% of all drug arrests.


Fighting Hunger in Baltimore and Beyond with the Baltimore Hunger Project

Fighting Hunger in Baltimore and Beyond with the Baltimore Hunger Project

By Dan Taylor, Marketing Coordinator

ELLICOTT CITY, MD- Poverty in and around Maryland is not unique compared to the rest of the country. The war on childhood poverty is ever present. That’s why Trilogy Wellness is asking its patients and guests to help donate to a worthy cause.

The Baltimore Hunger Project is teaming up with Trilogy Wellness the entire month of January through mid-February.

“To be able to pair up with a non-profit that is fighting childhood poverty daily, is an extremely rewarding program to be associated with,” said Trilogy Wellness Marketing and Sales Director, Jaime Elwood. “We have a very compassionate and warm base of patients and guests. They are always on board to help in any way they can.”

Trilogy partnered with the organization back in late November. This charity drive has allowed Trilogy to bring in over $2,000 for the Baltimore Hunger Project. The organization’s goal is to eliminate weekend childhood hunger by what’s known as the “hunger gap.” That is when children go hungry from Friday afternoon until Monday morning.

According to the Maryland Hunger Solutions, nearly 94% of Baltimore City students (71,581 children) and 66% of Baltimore County students (73,677 children) are considered food insecure and participate in the free and reduced-price meals program (FARMS). Leaders with the Baltimore Hunger Project, says this equates to more than 145,000 students in our region who may struggle with hunger when school is not in session.

Providing food not only provides nourishment that can help improve a child’s health, but also their chances of learning better when they’re not hungry.

If you donate at least $5.00, Trilogy Wellness will provide you will a $5.00 bounce back card to use during your next visit.

Please consider donating to this worthy cause the next time you stop into Trilogy Wellness. Just ask for the donation box.
Proton Center & Rise Above Animal Rescue Community Drive Recap

Proton Center & Rise Above Animal Rescue Community Drive Recap

We are big on supporting our community at Trilogy Wellness. In April and May we had two incredibly successful community drives in support of the Maryland Proton Center and Rise Above Animal Rescue.

The Maryland Proton Center is an organization near and dear to our hearts. Our very own Adam Scher received treatment there for a brain tumor several years ago. With the support of our generous patients and co-sponsor Culta, we raised $2500 for the Proton Treatment Center! This money will go to help pay for treatments, transportation and other costs associated – your donation could help save a life.

Rise Above Animal Rescue & Sanctuary is a local non-profit based out of Pasadena, MD. They focus on animals that need the most help – the sick, injured, elderly & others in need of medical attention. We held an adoption event on site 5/28/2023 and it ended up being a HISTORICAL event for Rise Above! We found furever homes for 10 animals in need. With your generous donations and the help of our co-sponsor Grow West, we were able to raise $1400 for the organization.

A happy puppy who was adopted out.
So many of these animals found furever homes thanks to amazing people like YOU.

We cannot thank our amazing customers enough for opening your hearts and wallets and giving back to the community. We are looking forward to more successful endeavors in the future!

We are ECSTRONG – Community Drive Update!

We are ECSTRONG – Community Drive Update!

A big Thank You to all of our amazing patients for your support of our Spring ECSTRONG Community Drive to raise money for Ellicott City Partnership. The Ellicott City Partnership is a 501(C)3 Non-Profit organization hat works to preserve the heritage and vitality of historic Ellicott City, Maryland while creating and enhancing economic growth. We partnered with Amber Extracts to create a limited edition Tangerine Dream ECSTRONG Sauce Vape Cart that had over 12% terpenes! We featured this Vape Cartridge on sale and then donated $3 of every purchase directly to EC Partnership. Between Vape cart sales & patient donations we raised $1277 in donations for Ellicott City Patnership! If you have been a patient of ours for awhile you know how near and dear Old Ellicott City is to our hearts. We had only been open for a couple of months when the last devastating flood hit in 2018 and we felt an immediate need to help support local businesses who were impacted. We wanted to go big this year in support of our amazing town, so we decided to also be a sponsor of Springfest in Old Ellicott City. It was the first time the festival was back since Covid began and it was a blast. We had a tent set up with free water bottles & reusable grocery bags for attendees plus special dog CBD treats from our friends at cbdMD. We are so proud to be a part of Ellicott City and we recognize that we have the best patients ever! Thank You for your continued support.