Happy National Hemp Month! Did you know that it was our wonderful partners at cbdMD that founded National Hemp month in 2019? CBD is often derived from hemp plants and is very low in THC. Beyond CBD, hemp has many other practical uses because the fibers of the plants are so strong. Hemp usage dates back to 5000 BC and it also holds a deep history in the United States. It fell of the radar for awhile but thanks to the 2014 Farm Bill it is making a big comeback. Hemp is becoming a popular material to use for textiles and is even used to build houses in a form known as “hempcrete”.

One of the things we love about Hemp-derived CBD is that it is available to non-cannabis patients. It is a great starting point if you know a family member or friend who isn’t ready to try medical cannabis but could benefit from using CBD. We carry a wide variety of CBD products including gummies, tinctures, vape carts, drink mixes, topicals and bath bombs. If you are new to the Trilogy family, you might not know that we are a pet friendly dispensary and we also carry CBD products for both cats and dogs.

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Want to learn more about the history of Hemp CBD? Check out this blog post from our partners at cbdMD!