How Tolerance Breaks Work So Quickly

How Tolerance Breaks Work So Quickly

By: Dan Taylor

Many of us are looking for ways to increase our high with cannabis, but that high may come in the form of a tolerance break.

We get that “high” if you will, after THC turbo charges our CB1 receptors that give us that give us that “lift”. But when we repeatedly expose our brains to THC, that high slowly dissapates. Over time, some habitual users report little to no effect at all from cannabis. That’s when it’s time to put down the bong. That tolerance is caused by repeated activation of CB1 receptors. This in turns weakens our body’s response to THC.

But scientists and researchers say that even with repeated use of cannabis, it will not effect our brain functionality because there’s less receptors for it to act on.

The Big Picture

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