By: Dan Taylor
Marketing Coordinator, Trilogy Wellness


ELLICOTT CITY, MD-The Boomer generation may have led the cannabis craze in the 1960’s and 1970’s, but this time they’re returning to the plant and consuming it without ever having to light up.

According to the Sleep Foundation, some 30% of adults 60 and older deal with sleep issues. Boomers are now relying on edible cannabis or gummies, to alleviate the issue.

According to data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the number of cannabis users who are part of the ‘boomer generation’, has tripled since 2009. The number of boomers who tried cannabis for the first time in 2021 reached 35%.

A report published by The Journal of the American Medical Association in 2020, backs up that study. It revealed patients 65 and older saw a 75% increase of cannabis use between 2015-2018.

Medical professionals who recommend or prescribe the plant, say patients who ingest edibles where the ratio is 1:1, or one part THC and one part CBD, respond the best. CBD helps to ease anxiety and inflammation and THC then helps as a muscle relaxer that also elevates your mood.

One of the big issues that seniors need to take notice of when consuming cannabis for the first time, is that they’re in safe space. Doctors advise older Americans to leave a nightlight on in their bathrooms and make sure there is a clear path.

But with ingestion of edibles or tinctures comes risk of taking too much too quickly. But patients who go ‘low and slow’, have the best results. Health care professionals say as we age so too does our metabolism. That means 2.5mg of THC or perhaps 5mg of THC may be all a patient needs in an edible to get that relief.