High on Love: Elevating your Valentine’s Day with Cannabis bliss!

High on Love: Elevating your Valentine’s Day with Cannabis bliss!

By: Dan Taylor, Trilogy Wellness Marketing Coordinator

Love is defined by an intense feeling of deep affection. Cannabis lovers have the chance tap into that affection with more than just chocolate this month as we creep closer to Valentine’s Day.

We are looking at products, and some deals, which are exploding off the shelves here at Trilogy Wellness right now, two of which are non-cannabis.

Betty’s Eddies Smashin’ Passion Chews:

Betty’s Eddies has a chew that could add a little more passion to your daily life. With aphrodisiacs such as horny goat weed, maca root, damiana, and muira puama, this chew will make you feel enthusiastic. These passion fruit chews are not just sweet, but a tantalizingly romantic treat for you and your special someone.

A first bite, the taste of fruit rushers your pallet. The effects settle in within about 45 minutes as these full-spectrum chews encapsulate an unforgettable experience. But be aware, these chews have a kick at 10mg a piece. But if you are needing that extra “humph,” they are also available in 40mg too. Retail price: $25 on Leafly but always on sale at Trilogy

Oh Golden Strawberry Pre-rolls & Vape by Curio Wellness:

Date night just got a lot more exciting for Valentine’s Day! Curio Wellness fans will love their OH! line that includes vapes and pre-rolls. Both the pre-rolls and vapes come from the strain Golden Strawberry. Users will feel Golden Strawberry as it ignites the flames of a low libido. This strain will have you dancing over the moon but not for long, as the sedating and relation effects take hold. Curio Wellness has some of the top distillate vapes in the Maryland market and this strain does not disappoint. Retail price: $14 Preroll 2pk or $40 .5g Vape on Leafly but always on sale at Trilogy.

Hash Stash Purple Storage Box: Sleek, affordable, and dependable. Those are just a few of the words used to describe this new box to keep your cannabis fresh, safe, and secure. This bad boy comes with a rolling tray, three gorgeous glass jars, a storage tube, and even a cleaning brush! And at $99 you cannot beat that price. This bamboo designed box comes in assorted colors with a built-in lock. Stock is limited but keep an eye out for more colors coming soon! Retail price: $99 on Leafly but always on sale at Trilogy

Synergy Balm: Dixie’s Synergy Balm line-up will have those aches and pains gone in no time! Available in heat, cooling, and relief. These 1:1 balms blend the benefits of cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, with a carefully curated mix of essential oils, providing a soothing and relaxing sensation. Dixie’s commitment to quality is evident in the precise formulation. Users often praise its ability to target localized pain and tension, making it an excellent choice for those seeking targeted relief during a massage session. Retail price: $35 on Leafly but always on sale at Trilogy

Blazy Susan Cones: You have come to see their colorful designs, but burning a pre-roll with Blazy Susan will help you stand out with your friends but also you save you from flying through your stash. In fact, these famous vegan and non-GMO French made papers burn slowly allowing you to take your time. The meticulously crafted rolling papers and thin design contribute to an even burn, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable sesh. This quality makes Blazy Susans a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts who appreciate a slow, deliberate burn for a more relaxed and flavorful smoking experience. Shop all Blazy Susan here. Always on sale at Trilogy.

Sweet Stones: If texture is an issue with your edibles, Encore’s Sweet Stones provide that classic lozenge feel that will have you relaxed in no time. Encore uses all sorts of tasty ingredients to perfect these products, including real, luscious fruit. Each stone contains 10mg of THC that comes in multiple flavors including Lemonade and Peach Mango. These delectable treats boast a perfect balance of sweetness and THC, making them a go-to for those with a sweet tooth seeking a mild and enjoyable high. Retail price: $28 on Leafly but always on sale at Trilogy.

Lemon Maraschino Buds by Strane: Holistic Industries is pumping out some top-quality products and Lemon Maraschino, by Strane, certainly fits that mold. This strain combines the zesty citrus notes of lemon with the sweet undertones of Maraschino cherries, creating an amazing and refreshing experience. The terpene profile is dominated by limonene, contributing to the vibrant citrus aroma. expert craftsmanship that Strane brings to the cannabis market, making it a standout choice for enthusiasts seeking a premium and flavorful cannabis strain. Retail price: $50 on Leafly but always on sale at Trilogy.

Chocolates: highlight Beezle (30% off!), Dixie & Encore:

Beezle Bites: Get ready to save 30% from February 6th-19th. If you are a lover of Nestle’s Crunch bar, allow us to introduce you to Beezle’s Milk Chocolate Krunch. Each chocolate is infused with 10mg of THC. These chocolates can take up to two hours to take effect, but sucking on them rather than chewing them whole, can cut down on the time it takes to feel the effects. These delightful chocolates also come in Milk Chocolate.

Encore Chocolates: They are like a Willy Wonka ticket to a cannabis wonderland! These heavenly delights combine the rich, velvety taste of chocolate with the perfect dose of THC magic at 10mg. Each bite is a delightful journey, melting away stress and sprinkling joy.

Dixie Chocolates: These delectable treats dance on your taste buds with a blend of velvety chocolate and just the right dose of THC. The chocolates come in 10mg and 25mg offering a delightful journey to relaxation and bliss. Shop all chocolates here

Trilogy Gift Cards: If you are having trouble with ideas for a Valentine’s Day gift look no further than our very own Trilogy Gift card! Just swing by, let your Wellness Advisor know how much you want on it, and bam! A gift idea that will have even your casual cannabis consumer beaming from ear to ear. Follow us on Instagram!