This month we are partnering with the Children’s Cancer Foundation Magic Castle program that works to help children receiving radiation treatment at the University of Maryland Proton Center.

At the beginning of the child’s treatment program, they are asked to write down three wishes and on the final day of treatment, the charity helps grant one of the wishes.

The funding of the charity comes directly from the generosity of the community that surrounds it – so your donation will be used to help encourage children through a very tough time not only for them but their families as well.

We are teaming up with the University of Maryland Proton Center because they helped one of our very own, Adam. Please read his amazing story below:

“After my 30th birthday I noticed I was having vision problems and pain in my left eye. What we thought was a typical eye infection wound up being much more – in the fall of 2016,  I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was growing on my left optic nerve and my pituitary gland. The diagnosis was devastating and heartbreaking in addition to the fear of surgery and radiation treatment.

I had surgery in Oct 2016 and spent several months at home recovering before beginning radiation treatment at the UMD Proton Center. Every day I was subjected to radiation treatments for up to an hour each session. The process was terrifying and caused severe anxiety attacks. As stressful as my treatment at the Proton Center was, the staff did an amazing job at going above and beyond they can to make the patients feel as comfortable as possible.

Throughout my recovery, I was prescribed many different medications, but there was one in particular that helped me get through the most stressful of times – cannabis. Cannabis not only helped relieve pain from my conditions, but it also provided much needed relief from stress. Going through the treatments was not easy and it wasn’t for cannabis, I would not have been able to handle the stress and anxiety. Using cannabis before treatment sessions allowed my body and mind to relax through difficult and uncomfortable times. Today cannabis still helps provide me relief from chronic pain, stress and anxiety, it has also helped with sleep. Using cannabis has also helped me reduce my need for other medications such as painkillers and sleep medication. Cannabis has helped me get back on my feel an to help me enjoy life to the fullest.”

Our donation drive starts Sunday, February 16th and will run until Saturday, February 22nd. You’ll receive 10% off for any donation of $5 or more. We thank you in advance for any donation to this amazing program!